Why MedConnect Pro

MedConnect Pro was established with the sole purpose of being the premier IME service provider within the industry. We offer the most cost effective and highest quality services available. This is accomplished through our highly efficient business processes, which have been tailored to meet the demanding needs of our clients. Secondly, we combine our business processes with a unique web-based software application, which has been specifically customized for our scheduling needs. In addition, we have a team of highly qualified individuals who, with their years of experience, are committed to providing exceptional service. Finally, to fulfill our goal to deliver the best service available, we follow a few simple principles:

  • We take personal pride in maintaining a single point of contact to clients and doctors.

  • We follow up on all requests within 24 hours.

  • We offer our clients a team of highly qualified and unbiased physicians with a broad range of specialties.

  • We strongly believe in giving customers more than they expect.

  • We continually follow up prior to and after scheduled appointments to ensure their complete success.

  • We do everything we possibly can to help ease the workload of our valued clients.

MedConnect Pro fully understands that there are numerous companies competing for your IME business. As such, we highly value each and every business opportunity. Give us the chance to demonstrate our superior service, thoroughness and professionalism with your next request. We are ready for your biggest challenge; let us show you how well we can perform.

The MedConnect Pro Team

The MedConnect Pro Team

The MedConnect Pro Team as pictured from left to right: Katie Curtis, Lori Wisdom, Alex Hyman, Dawn Peront, Jessica Lawrence, Jeri Schwirian, Ashley Bonallo, Karen Lee, Breanna Blanchard, Gauri Trivedi, Kylee Litz, and Ciara Hespe.

Meet the Team

Dawn Peront – President/CEO
Alex Hyman – Director of Quality Assurance/Scheduler
Karen Lee – Accounting Manager
Katie Curtis – Office Manager
Breanna Blanchard – Lead Scheduler
Ashley Bonallo – Scheduler
Jessica Lawrence – Clinic/Records Coordinator
Kylee Litz – Office Administrator
Lori Wisdom – Administrative Assistant
Gauri Trivedi – Administrative Assistant
Jeri Schwirian – File Sorter
Ciara Hespe – Report Proofreader
Gary Peront – Co-Owner/CIO
Lynn Sundquist – Lead Transcriptionist/Accounting Assistant