See what our clients are saying about their experience.

I can’t imagine doing my job without you, so your success means so much to me (and to the rest of the firm, of course!).
— Vancouver, WA Attorney
I’m amazed! You came through again after other IME vendors couldn’t get the doctors I had requested.
— Portland, OR Claims Adjuster
WOW. Even before the 24th…..You did something that no other IME facility could coordinate. I am really very impressed. Thank you!!!!!!!
— Tacoma, WA Attorney
Have I told you lately that you are my favorite service to work with? :)
— Portland, OR Paralegal
I appreciate the work, and as always, I appreciate you and the MCP team. I always appreciate MCP’s patience and professionalism; you are absolutely the easiest to work with.
— Surgeon
Thank you! You always work so hard for us and we appreciate it!!
— Lake Oswego, OR Attorney
I often wonder how we would operate without MedConnect Pro. You gals are extremely appreciated every day by us here. THANK YOU for all you do!!!
— Portland, OR Legal Assistant
Dawn, you are the best in the business. Thank you.
— Portland, OR Attorney
Thank you for putting us in touch with this expert. He did an outstanding job with his initial med review. We were very pleased with the quality of his analysis and verbal report. As always, thank you for coming through for us yet again.
— Portland, OR Attorney
I believe you foster a great environment for people to grow. I have seen that. Good work.
— Neurosurgeon
You are amazing!!! Many thanks to you and the doctor for this courtesy. Honestly I did not expect that given the circumstances our request would be granted. I completely appreciate the efforts taken by the experts and your staff to schedule and prepare for these important reviews.
— Portland, OR Attorney
Dawn- thanks for all your efforts, organization and attention to detail. It is greatly appreciated. I hope we continue to work together for a long time!
— Portland, OR Physician
You did it again. This expert is awesome. I am now 600% smarter than I was, fully armed for the deposition. Many thanks!
— Lake Oswego, OR Attorney
You folks are the best — truly.
— Salem, OR Attorney
I have been dealing with another IME company (not by choice) and I have to tell you how much I appreciate your company’s thoroughness and promptness. I will schedule with you guys any day of the week.
— Salem, OR Paralegal
I always appreciate MCP’s prompt, detailed, and diligent communication regarding IMEs and working with attorneys - often under short notice - to obtain needed witnesses and testimony.
— Portland, OR Attorney
Have I told you lately what a gem you are??? You have a great company and great people working with you and it a joy to do business with MedConnect Pro!!! You always have our back!!
— Portland, OR Paralegal
I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your entire team and the help and service you all provide!!!
— Portland, OR Paralegal